About Us

A little bit more on how we started

In August 2020, my daughter (Reinette) and I (Hanre) started our journey in strength training. We trained hard but needed nutritional food that will help us grow stronger. So, we started looking into berries.

After a while, I started to see the value in berries and decided to start selling them as an extra income. At first, I was happy by just supplying frozen berries, but Reinette suggested that I add frozen fruit and fresh pre-cut veggies. We never intended for this to grow into a business but slowly the word spread, and more clients started ordering. That is how Goodies4All was established.

Reinette came to my rescue when she saw how I was struggling to keep up with all the orders. Soon after, the online order form was born, which made life so much easier. Reinette took over the social media and, even if I have to say so myself, the ads are beautiful and are getting so much positive feedback.

So now we are taking on an even bigger challenge, our own website with an online store! How cool is that?

We have big dreams for Goodies4All and the product line will increase as we source new suppliers.

We love meeting you, chatting with friends and seeing someone we haven’t seen for a while. We can’t wait to see you again and to those we have not met yet, hope to see you soon!

Hanre & Reinette

Goodies4all - Hanre Marx

Hanre Marx

(the mother)

Goodies4all - Reinette Rabe

Reinette Rabe

(the daughter)

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